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The repetition of the shape that generates beauty, the uniqueness of the natural material that becomes a project through the thought of man, technological evolution and the quality level achieved by contemporary processes. This is how the 24 parts of 024 are formed, the freestanding sink, born from the assembly of segments of Carrara marble or Nero Marquina and colored resin. Like a classic element, it conveys an ideal of absolute beauty, further deepening the path taken by antonioplupi and Gumdesign with Gessati and Rigati. To investigate the complex relationship between man and nature, between unique and repeatable, between industrial and never the same to itself.


The black and white symbol of universal and timeless elegance is interpreted in the pedestal sink in a very coherent contemporary meaning, through a solution that generates new perspectives and unusual optical effects through which to generate different perspectives. The basin of the sink is in Carrara marble with black resin, the column, in contrast, is in Nero Marquina with white resin. This generates a chromatic balance that modifies the perception of volumes, lightening and "elongating" them without affecting the harmony of the whole.

Freestanding sink in Nero Marquinia marble with floor drainage, siphon and flexible tube.


Dimensions: cm ø 45 x 85
Material: Marble
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 68 ca.
Net weight: kg 49 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 88 X 82 X 44

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