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A reduced thickness and a light, ethereal, contemporary shape generated by the perfect union of rigorous lines and soft curves. Ago is the top mount sink with a sculptural shape, where its volume narrows toward the oval base to define a capacious and deep basin. Its modern and transversal image make it perfect for fitting any type of furniture with discretion and consistency but adding aesthetic value to the domestic scenario.


Today antoniolupi offers a more elongated version of the AGO3 sink already in the catalogue, to widen the basin, further lighten the overall image and at the same time restore an organic physicality, especially in the case of models made with natural stone. In fact, the AGO series is available in White Flumood, in Colormood, in Cristalmood, and finally also in White Carrara and Black Marquinia marble versions. Precious marbles that enhance the shapes and lines of the sink with unique and unrepeatable nuances for formal elegance and timeless style.

Oval top mount stone sink complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug.


Material: Flumood / Colormood
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 10 ca.
Net weight: kg 8,5 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 70 x 48 x 23

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