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A new version that expresses the potential of the gesture which enhances the best elegant and harmonious design of the collection. A strong yet natural identity that when using the new material is a valuable ally for the overall interpretation of the project.


Is the harmonious synthesis of essential volumes, is the virtuous encounter between the perfect geometry of the circular basin with thin edges and the cylindrical base that narrows upwards. Just the delicacy with which it solves the connection between the base and the basin is the essential feature of the collection, and in particular of this freestanding washbasin that becomes the focus of a contemporary and transversal bathroom.


Freestanding stone sink complete with drain pipe fitting and plug, trap and flexible hose.


Dimensions: cm 50 x 85 ø50
Material: Marble / Stone
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 92 ca.
Net weight: kg 57 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 70x 64 x 106

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