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Between light and material, between solidity and lightness, between color, shades, and an aura of magic. Albume Lux expands the collection of freestanding sinks generated by overlapping the two geometric figures that give life to the base and basin. A balance of shapes and sizes, a proposal that expands the functionality of the sink by adding light performance, thanks to which it embellishes the bathroom environment and generates elegant atmospheres of surprise and amazement. The base of the sink is made of Flumood Dinamico, a material born from antoniolupi's continuous research activity, a compact translucent resin that allows the stem to spread light uniformly throughout the bathroom environment. Albume is transformed into a real lamp by reversing its archetype, which involves the light source and diffuser placed in the upper part of the object.


Here the light is emitted in the lower part to completely dematerialize the base or stem and simulate the feeling of lightness and suspension in the void of the basin. Many combinations are available with basins in Cristalmood, marble, lacquered Flumood and other materials, finishes and colors to ensure maximum customization possibilities and aesthetic and chromatic consistency with the other elements and surfaces that make up the bathroom environment. Albume Lux is a sink with a strong personality that characterizes the space in which it fits, an element that combines design, style, and technology, as in the truest tradition of made in italy, to rewrite standards of absolute perfection.


Pedestal in BIANCO DINAMICO Flumood complete with led lighting, floor drainage, siphon and rigid hose.


Dimensions: cm 65,5 x ø 28
Material: Flumood BlANCO DINAMICO
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 12 ca.
Net weight: kg 11 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 33 x 33 x 70,5

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