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A masterpiece by antoniolupi, a project that has marked a beginning, indeed that of a new way of conceiving the bathtub. Introduced in 2004, Baìa, is still today one of the absolute protagonists of the range and one of the best selling models.Clean and elegant design harmony and minimalism marked by the use of Cristalplant or enriched by unique shades and unrepeatable trace when made of stone. Thin borders guaranteed by the use of solid surface significantly increase with natural stone. 


The ethereal presence and the candor of Baìa in the artificial version give way to solid and concrete luxury of stone. The smaller version guarantees lightness to the composition and breaks the continuity of the volume. 


Dimensions: cm 185 x 90 x 50
Flow rate: l/s 0,63
Gross weight: kg 134 ca.
Net weight: kg 90 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 210 x 110 x 81 
Capacity*: l 400 ca.
*Considering the capacity of water to the overflow
Description: Oval Cristalplant bathtub complete with drain pipe fitting and pressure plug, siphon and flexible hose.


MATERIAL: Solid Surface - Cristalplant

Oval Cristalplant bathtub, can be externally lacquered in all colors of our collection, complete with drain and pressure plug, siphon and flexible hose.


Oval stone bathtub complete with drain and pressure plug.


Moon Stone
Stone Grey

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