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The Tele di Marmo Revolution collection offers a fresh interpretation of marble, in a contemporary evocation of a material of eternal beauty and elegance.


The series features new colours and unusual combinations to enhance its expressive power: Thassos, Calacatta Black, Verde Saint Denis, Blu Ande. Four new natural and semi-polished marbles find their most exquisite expression in the large slabs. Evolving fresh colours and patterns, the Tele di Marmo Revolution project continues to reinterpret marble in a contemporary key by extending the range with the Acanto pattern. Here the influence of artistic mosaic is expressed through the use of precise geometric motifs, finely judged in shades and details. This highly expressive decor makes the Tele di Marmo Revolution project a complete covering offering, in which vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art. A decorative selection of mosaics further enhances the series, creating the maximum versatility of installation.


6,5mm (120x120 cm, 120x278 cm)
9,5mm (30x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 90x90 cm)
10mm (80x180 cm)


ACANTO - 120x278
ACANTO - 60x120
MOSAICO 3X3 - 30X30
MOSAICO 5X5 - 30X30

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