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Bolle collection presents different compositions, where the glass spheres interact up and down with the space

The movement feeling can be created by playing with heights or customizing the piece size or composition by combining spheres and satellites together


Inspired by a walk surrounded by a thousand soap bubbles floating in the air. Their lightness has become a metaphor for the immateriality of light, crystallized into the Bolle collection.
Bolle lamps are handmade in transparent glass, where the illuminating core is a brass light source suspended between the spheres. In this transparent-version collection, light interacts with the space and the curved surfaces, multiplying reflections and the magical effect


Created from research, experimenting with light and color grading. Gazing at the soft puffy clouds passing by in the sky and looking for a shade-blended, soft effect for the Bolle. Whereas the transparent version plays with the emptiness, the frosted one works with the positive volume of the spheres, creating cloudlike round shapes that seem to grow and move together into the space

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