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Essential shape, a welcoming volume and iconic in its essence. The freestanding Borghi bath is made of Cristalmood or Icemood. The marked chromatic personality and the typical reflections of the material make it an absolute protagonist of the space, a remarkable element around which to build the bathroom environment. The volume is pure, capacious, ergonomic, lightened by a narrow base.


A detail that defines an image, a solution that determines a feeling of floating in space. Perfect in its pure geometry, balanced in the proportions and overlapping volumes, modern with its subtle edges, the Borghi bathtubs are available in the entire color range of the antoniolupi Cristalmood and Icemood and in the new Mostato, Barriques, Vespero and Notturno.

Material: CRISTALMOOD, Icemood
Gross weight, kg: 183 ca.
Net weight, kg: 155 ca.
Dimensions, cm: L 180 x P 75 x H 53
Packing dimensions:cm 102 x 95 x 192
Capacity, l: 350 ca.

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