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Breath of Light takes illumination interactivity to a whole new level. Visitors are integral to the exhibition, becoming a part of it with every breath they share. This installation epitomizes desire to connect people through light. Everyone who interacts with Breath of Light is enchanted by the lighted glow that swirls through the crystal, similar to the joy one sees on the faces of children as they blow bubbles in the wind


This installation translates the flight of blowing bubbles into an abstract cloud of crystal spheres bursting with light and sound. With just a simple breath the light streams start to become visible in a wandering sort of way, just as bubbles begin to float freely. The flow is a behaviour not a prepared animation. It reacts according to the people blowing and the light flow is always different, like the flight of bubbles is never the same or predictable. When the light streams meet and particular light points connect, they burst just like real bubbles do

Breath of Light is made from a series of opal crystal bubbles that dissolve into crystal frosted, crystal clear and bubbled crystal spheres. These bubbles create an intriguing path of light as visitors blow into four special sensors hanging on the corners of the exhibition. With this the installation connects people via the objects and gives them the possibility to explore what is happening when they act together


The installation is conceived to create strong spatial situations. The spheres are not relegated only to the ceiling but can fill an entire space between ceiling and floor, even create paths for people to walk through. This arrangement can easily be modified to individual project needs. Even without the interactive element, Breath of Light is a strong and self- standing dynamic light installation

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