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Gold leaf petals create a statement stairwell


Inspired by natural forms, a spiral of light from 24 petal-shaped shades gently cascades through the stairwell. The hand-applied gold leaf shades are attached to fine cables, which are fixed to a polished nickel double-frame circular structure


Each shade has been laser-cut from acrylic and then drape-formed over a mould – the edges were hand polished to achieve a crisp top edge and a curved bottom edge. Precision-machined components, with a polished nickel-plated finish, house the lampholder, clamp the cable and beautifully transition from the cable to the shade


Attention to detail, through a process of drawing, CGI and prototypes, has ensured that the light both reflects off and passes through the shades, creating a soft, radiant effect within the space


- Gold leaf acrylic shades
- Precision-machined and nickel-plated components
- Seamless coaxial cable
- High output specialist LEDs

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