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Coppélia comes to life in a whirl of flowing motion and sparkling light. With a graceful sense of wonder, a beautiful mechanical doll appears to magically come to life in the famous ballet Coppélia. In the performance the ballerina traces, with sinuous movements, a delicate after-image in the air, which inspires the fluid motion in the design of  Coppélia Suspended Lamp. The graceful dance, staged by the three-dimensionally crossed wire structure, leads the spectator to dozens of glowing LED lights, which define the contour and the magical glow of a classic chandelier


Coppélia Suspended is available in 2 colours and 2 models:
Small, Chrome
Small, Black
Large, Chrome
Large, Black


Stainless steel frame with polycarbonate shades and suspension bracket

indoor / outdoor: Indoor
installation required: yes
light source type: LED
light source included: yes
number of light source: 36 / 54
shape: Round
shape diameter: 69/100 cm
input voltage: 200-265V
frequency: 50/60Hz
power consumption: MAX 33 W
dimmable: yes
dimmer types: 
Mains, Trailing edge, Reverse phase
Mains, Leading edge, Forward phase
lamp holder type: LED (Solid state)
lifetime: 50000 hours
chromX: 0.45
chromY: 0.39
colour temperature: 2700K
light direction: All directions
light output: 450 / 676 Lumen
constant-current or constant-voltage: Constant voltage
efficiency: 16,07 / 20.48
power consumption: 25,4 / 29.9

width: 68 / 101 cm
height: 42,5 / 54 cm
depth: 68 / 101 cm
diameter: 68 / 101 cm
weight: 1,8 / 3 kg

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