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The colour and structure of the crystalline network of the three catalogue variants are the outcome of strict selection of the natural models, reproduced with state-of-the-art decorating technologies.


The giant proportions Emilceramica chooses for its reinterpretation of quartz achieves a striking effect for agate, in three colour variants. Agate’s distinctive circular formations are broken down on a background of chiaroscuro effects pushed to their limits, run through with subtly emerging warmer or colder colours, to produce a complex graphic pattern that dialogues with the plain tiles through vague colour matching and a shared crystalline structure. Magnified in both its size and its aesthetic, quartz dominates the design of living spaces with the massive size of its slimline large slabs, made even more exquisite by the glossy mirror finish of the ceramic surface.


6,5 mm (120x120 cm, 120x278 cm)
10 mm (90x180 cm)
9,5mm (30x60 cm, 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm)

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