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A project that continues the path of research on small environments and the size of the elements that compose them, a further step on the study of rationalization of spaces, a different concept of functionality and optimization that consistently affects the entire antoniolupi range. Compact, essential, capable of welcoming, enveloping and holding within it anyone who wants to relax. Perfect to fit into environments with small dimensions Cuba is the small bathtub that despite the reduced space offers ergonomics and space suitable for a perfect moment of rest. A sharp and rigorous volume generated by square lines and orthogonal surfaces, carved inside by soft and continuous shapes that define a comfortable seat for a regenerating bath.


The small dimensions of Cuba allow its inclusion in small rooms both in the freestanding version, but also in a corner, niche, or recessed version. A versatility that is very valuable for bathroom environments. The minimalist image of the bathtub allows its inclusion in different style contexts, while customization is guaranteed by the different materials and colors available. Cuba is made of White Flumood or Colormood as per antoniolupi's color range to dialogue with other elements in the space.


Rectangular bathtub in Flumood, that can be externally lacquered in all colors from our range, in Colormood lacquered inside and out, complete with drain with automatic and invinsible overflow, siphon and flexible hose.


Dimensions: cm H 70 x L 125 x P 75
Material: Flumood /Colormood
Gross weight: kg 150 ca
Net weight: kg 119 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 95 x 100 x 192
Capacity: l 194 ca

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