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Diamond Cloud’s inspiration came from the specific sculpting of a trimming. This cut, called a Diamond Cut, was created specially to emphasize a crystal’s properties in combination with light. This means Diamond Cloud excels in the refraction and reflection of light


When a crystal rod featuring the Diamond Cut is lit, each of the facets looks different and adds a rich depth to the installation as a whole. The strategic arrangement of the triangular rods gives the installation diversity, layers and a richness of rhythm. Every side of the light’s pattern has a different look because every edge is defined using a component with a different surface treatment. The smallest detailed cut on every component escalates the fixture’s overall appearance


Diamond Cloud is composed from triangular rods which give the installation a geometrically clean and organized composition. The Diamond Cut is used on the components which also feature different surface treatments. Clear components reflect light, and with polished cuts create a sparkling and dramatic effect. The frosted components absorb light and create more of a glowing effect. The two component types create contrast between each other and optically increase the separation of individual component lines

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