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A bathtub able to take center stage but also to be set aside against a wall, an enveloping volume with an egg shape that ergonomically protects the body. Eclipse is a refined interpretation of an organic style, a contemporary expression of relaxation, an image of design embellished today by the new version made of Carrara marble. A monolithic form well-defined in every detail, a complete project that in addition to giving identity to space, investigates the functional aspects related to relaxation thanks to a sophisticated shelf perfectly integrated into the edge.


A technical detail that becomes aesthetic, an identifying sign that defines the overall image of the bath. To the pure whiteness and soft lines is added a new version made of Carrara marble that introduces a language made of natural signs and textures which allow it to be inserted in different contexts. From the contemporary bathroom to a style of context. Eclipse in the marble version takes on the role of absolute protagonist of any composition, unique around which to build a personalized scene. Eclipse wants to always be different while remaining itself.


Oval Cristalplant bathtub, can be from stone or externally lacquered in all colors of our collection, complete with drain and pressure plug, siphon and flexible hose. 


Dimensions: cm H53 x L185 x P95,5

Material: CRISTALPLANT, Marble
Flow rate: l/s 0,63
Gross weight: kg 152 ca.
Net weight: kg 104 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 210 x 110 x 81 Capacity*: l 350 ca.
*Considering the capacity of water to the overflow

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