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A sculptural bathtub, a block of Amazzone stone carved with water expressed through simple and essential lines that originate a complete and elegant shape. An integral part of the collection Bespoke, a freestanding bathtub that fits well in contemporary contexts or styles. The polished surfaces of Epoque allow the appreciation of the stone and amplify the feeling of naturalness and relaxation that envelops the user.


Simplicity and linear forms that allow your attention to focus on the essence of the matter and the unique meaning that is offered visually and by tactile. The harmonic proportions define a reservoir with soft and welcoming lines its oval shape stretching out to the borders to give life to a light image that hides an important physical presence. 


Oval stone bathtub complete with drain and pressure plug.


Dimensions: cm 180 x 90 x 55

Material: Stone Pietra Luna
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 530 ca.
Net weight: kg 460 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 197 x 107 x 80 Capacity: l 290 ca.


P.S: We advise an exterior inspection window close to the border of the tub and near the drain pipe

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