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The Fida bathtub is inspired by nature. The outer line takes its cue from the organic shapes of river woods, which give the piece a feeling of fluidity. The edges are beveled and the lines soft. The interior of the bathtub is an ergonomically designed to envelop and give comfort to those who immerse themselves within. Like a real sculpture, carved from a monolith, it is available in various versions of stone and marble, materials that emphasize the idea of a concept related to nature.


Today it is also made of Flumood and Colormood, two materials that on Fida create a modern encounter between material and functionality. Fida fits harmoniously in any room giving them an atmosphere of their own. Organic yet symmetrical, restrained yet provocative, meeting multiple needs.


cm 170 x 80 x 55

Material: Stone
Overflow: NO
Gross weight: kg 660 ca.
Net weight: kg 560 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 220 x 115 x 80
Capacity: l 320 ca.
Description: Oval stone bathtub complete with drain pipe fitting and pressure plug,siphon
and flexible hose.

P.S:We advise an exterior inspection window close to the border of the tub and near the
drain pipe.

*The dimension depends on the type of drainpipe used.


cm 170 x 80 x 55

Material: Flumood Colormood
Overflow: YES
Gross weight: kg 129 ca.
Net weight: kg 109 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 170 x 60 x 88
Capacity: l 300 ca.
Description: Oval Flumood bathtub,can be externally lacquered in all colors of our collection,available in Colormood that can be internally and externally lacquered complete with drain with automatic and invinsible overflow,siphon and flexible hose.

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