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The design focused on the aerodynamic arrangement of a bird’s wing and movement in flight. The delicate installation includes 170 individual “bird” elements, each one made from handblown clear glass by our expert glassblower


Whilst still molten, each glass piece was manipulated to form a shape resembling wings and then dipped into water to create a cracking effect. The glass birds were then placed into a furnace to ensure that they solidified and remained stable pieces. The crackled effect on the surface of each component allows them to catch the light and glisten in suspended glory

Each intricate element is suspended from the ceiling using fine gold-finished cabling and held in place by dainty brass spheres. Adjustable downlights were strategically placed in the ceiling to increase illumination levels for the composition and enhance the play between light and shadow. Light pours down onto the glass birds, animating and elevating their presence, while catching their sparkle and enhancing their lustrous aesthetic


- Handblown clear glass bird components with cracked texture
- Machined brass ball fixing detail
- Gold finished suspension cable 
- Discreet powder coated white ceiling fixing
- Directional downlights with 55 degree beam angle to pour light over all the glass pieces
- 3000K colour temperature
- Honeycomb lourve in downlight to reduce glare
- Frosted lens in downlight to soften light

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