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The whole is more than the sum of its parts: Holos demonstrates how excellence is born from the union of minute details.


Holos is a unique material inspired by the ancient art of mosaic, which has been reinterpreted and modernised through advanced digital technologies. A concept that allows for potentially infinite tactile and chromatic compositions, transforming surfaces into opportunities for creative expression.


This vision was brought to life byan innovative technology that allows the development of three-dimensional graphics in slab format, overcoming the two-dimensionality of the surface to reach an unprecedented depth. Graphics and material merge, achieving a layering made even richer by the creation of beautiful light refraction effects.


SIZE: 1620x3240mm (63¾”×127½”)
Sides: ± 0,3% MAX (± 1,0 mm MAX)
Thickness: ± 5,0% MAX (± 0,5 mm MAX)
Straightness of sides: ± 0,3% MAX (± 0,8 mm MAX)
Rectangularity: ± 0,3% MAX (± 1,5 mm MAX)
Surface flatness: ± 0,4% MAX (± 1,8 mm MAX)
Water absorption: ≤ 0,5%
Flexion resistance: S ≥ 700 N (< 7,5 mm) S ≥ 1300 N (> 7,5 mm) R ≥ 35 N/mm2
Impact resistance: > 0,85
Abrasion resistance: ≤ 175 mm3
Resistance to thermal shocks: PASS ACCORDING EN ISO 10545-1
Frost resistance: PASS ACCORDING EN ISO 10545-1
Resistance to chemicals: UB MIN.
Resistance to stains: DECLARED VALUE
Lead and cadmium discharge: < THAN INSTRUMENT LIMIT
Skid resistance: MATTE R9

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