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Taking inspiration from summer showers, the Kadur Drizzle collection features concentric glass orbs that evoke the electric feeling of getting caught in the rain. The center orb of each pendant is filled with drizzled glass fibers, like light rain falling in fine drops, with the outer orb forming a pristine glass bubble around the first. Refreshing and romantic, the Kadur Drizzle can be tailored to fit your space. From the light sprinkle of a few pendants, to the heavier rainfall of a chandelier, the Kadur Drizzle variants allow you to design your own summer rain


Glass Options:
Clear / Clear
Clear / Gold
Clear / Black
Gray / Clear
Amber / Clear


Mixing different glass colors in a single chandelier or pendant arrangement provides additional levels of customization


Material Options:
Matte Silver
Matte White
Antique Bronze
Brushed Nickel


Fixtures can be made with wires or rods. Wires are adjustable even after installation and pendants can be hung at similar or staggered heights depending on your preference. A canopy will be sized to fit your desired number of pendants. As all of our pieces are handcrafted and hand-blown, sizes are approximate and variations in size, color, shape and texture are inherent to all of our glass.


Blown Pyrex Glass
Steel Canopy
Brass Hardware
Coaxial Wire


Glass sizes: 4“dia/5“dia/6“dia/7“dia/8“dia
Light Source: LED G42W-12V-2700K 
Dimmable-Transformer Included

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