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A cooler version of the Kadur pendant, the center orb in the Kadur Frost Collection is flawlessly frosted to create contrasting, concentric circle


Crisp and clean, the Kadur Frost Collection complements any aesthetic. In its representation of winter weather, the Kadur Frost Collection variants can be formulated into the light snowflake of a few pendants, or a snowstorm of a chandelier

Glass Options:
Clear / White
Clear / Moon
Amber / White
Grey / White


Mixing different glass colors in a single chandalier or pendant arrangment provides additional levels of customization


Material Options:
Matte Silver
Matte White
Antique Bronze
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Brass


Blown Pyrex Glass
Steel Canopy
Brass Hardware
Coaxial Wire


Glass Sizes: 4“dia/5“dia/6“dia/7“dia/8""dia
Light Source: LED G4 2W-12V-2700K Dimmable-
Transformer Included

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