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The handcrafted lily chandelier has an organic, free-flowing formation composed of 100 suspended glass and brass petals that are interspersed with delicate glass droplets

The hand-hammered brass elements feature either a laser cut or etched detail, both of which echo the line and dot markings on lily petals that lead insects to the nectar. The petals alternate between a matt and polished finish, and 19 of those with the etched detail house a cleverly concealed light source


Adding to the layers and depth of the chandelier is a mix of handblown metallic and amber glass petals. The metallic-toned pieces glisten, whereas the crackle of the amber petals creates delicate projections of light and shadow. Between the petals, suspended glass droplets with an internal explosion of tiny air bubbles catch the light and sparkle

The petal light units have an encased LED on the upper side and are attached to a linear brass rod that houses the power cable. The rod extends from the oval-shaped powder coated ceiling plate, alongside the delicate gold-finished cables that the petals are suspended from

The intricate composition of the chandelier may appear irregular, but the location of each individual element was meticulously thought out to ensure the light units are not obscured, and the rhythm and beauty of the piece not diminished when admired from all viewpoints


- Handblown metallic and crackled amber glass lily petals
- Hand-hammered matt and polished brass lily petals and light units with laser cut and etching details
- Clear bubbled glass droplets
- 2700K LED chips
- Gold-finished suspension cable
- Bespoke turned brass beads
- Bespoke brass fixing details

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