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Sparkling glass leaves and catkin-laden branches bring a touch of nature inside


- Handblown crackled glass leaves
- Curved brass branches and precision machined cups
- Hand-hammered brass casings
- Gold-finished suspension cable
- Powder coated ceiling tray
- Bespoke turned brass beads
- 2700K LED light sources
- Acrylic diffuser and honeycomb louvre


The tapered chandelier playfully interprets simple leaves, elongated stems and spherical catkins in a deconstructed form that references the contours and movement of the tree

Each glass leaf was individually handblown then dipped in water to produce a crackled surface that forms projections of light and shadow. A number of the glass components are enhanced further by white frit and gold fleck


The glass leaves are thoughtfully interspersed between brass stems, both of which are suspended from a ceiling plate that mirrors the tone of the ceiling and the shape of the table below. At the end of each stem is a precision machined cup that is surrounded by a hand-hammered casing, which was produced by a highly skilled jeweller to achieve a decorative dappled finish


The diffuse light source inside each catkin-inspired ball is housed in a baffle component and topped with a honeycomb louvre to prevent glare. The subtle projections of light illuminate the crackled glass leaves and create beautiful patterns of light across the ceiling

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