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Glass is processed and shaped using various techniques - blowing, casting, pressing, or pulling. It ́s not only hard work, years of training and skill, it ́s also a feeling, working with the breath and other experiences you can only gain by spending time with the glass.
Keeping Louis's elemental geometry, this chandelier produces a softer glow,
achieved through the use of colour and lampshades


Because of the assortment of surface finishes and hues,
a relaxed elegance can be brought to a variety of interiors

The dominant silhouette of the original has been softened through colour, which instantly lifts the atmosphere of the piece. The addition of lampshades not only diffuses the light, but also adds to this more relaxed elegance, perfect for above table settings, as shadows are minimised. The new colours allow for variations of mood or tone, to suit a variety of intimate or majestic settings



- Black Colour Brass

- Copper Brass


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