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Can you imagine a metal net so delicately wrought it evokes a sense of ephemeral lightness?

Minimalist design with a dash of the future
The piece is more about the visual aesthetic – minimalistic subtle structure made of metal with a fine polished gold finish. It has just the right density and thickness to achieve lightness in this rather geometric and rigid raster


Light, glass and metal
The installation is composed of components of crystal glass and of metal rods. The lighting is like a grand jewel, contrasting with the classic architecture and adding an organic sense of luxury. The glass box components are minimal in size, made of slump clear glass with rounded corners to soften the overall feel. They are inserted into the metal profiles lit from within. The tiny organic bubbles in the glass capture the light and make the whole component glow, and its polished finish catches the reflections of light, multiplying and scattering them across the space

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