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A versatile project, like only good projects are, a change in its use while preserving a symbiotic relationship with water and its purifying action, also in this new version. Miniazimut, the compact showerhead born after Azimut, becomes a sink spout, conserving the aesthetic features of the original element but changing the aerator to meet the needs of the new function. Wall mount over the sink, Miniazimut reveals a discreet but connotative presence, a technical element to be combined with the expressivity of antoniolupi sinks, creating a great couple with the mixer MayDay.


It is apparently a small lighting component with an emergency button. Actually, it is a sophisticated spout with an exuberant mixer. Miniazimut operates identically to the showerhead and is equipped with a particular hinge which allows the spout to rotate and then direct the water jet. In order to match the finishes and the colours of MayDay, the spout is available in two versions, stainless steel and black Delrin or graphite finish and black Delrin – special combinations which convey a refined and contemporary image.


Wall mount sink spout in stainless steel and black Delrin, with jet regulation.


Material: AISI 304 Stainless steel and black Delrin® 
Finish: Satin Stainless Steel - Graphite
Gross weight: kg 0,75 ca.
Net weight: kg 0,35 ca.

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