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Millelegni Remake extends and enriches the Millelegni collection, as Emilceramica continues to explore, select and reinterpret some of the world's most beautiful types of timber.


A range comprising 4 colour varieties of North American elms, some closer to the original look and feel and others inspired by particular ways in which the timber boards may be worked, and 2 variants of exquisite oxidised Alpine oak, with all the very distinctive, eye-catching look which this type of wood acquires through lengthy contact with water. Millelegni Remake: a fresh combination of the random elegance of wood, the ways its surfaces are transformed by time, the hand-crafted character of timber worked by man and a state-of-the-art design language. The ideal collection for design schemes in natural taste and with a strong personality in contemporary residential and commercial locations. There are two distinctive plank sizes available, 25x150 cm and 20x120 cm, as well as the extra-thick 20 mm size, for a complete, versatile range also enabling seamless continuity of design between indoor and outdoor areas, with excellent performances guaranteed.


9,5mm (20x120 cm, 25x150 cm)
20mm (40x120 cm)

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