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An exquisite, gleaming, timeless ceramic material, suitable for classical or contemporary, residential or commercial locations, enabling infinite compositional ideas and combinations with other materials, which generate dynamic contrasts and sophisticated interplays of light.


Pure Onyx offers a range of delicate yet clearly defined colours. Together, Onyx Malva, Onyx Miele, Onyx Perla, Onyx Giada and Onyx Turchese constitute the intrinsic essence of the collection. The shade variations and transparent effects that typify onyx are stratified beneath the surface, evoking an exquisite three-dimensional impression. The five shades, 3 finishes and 5 sizes provide architects and interior designers with a vast aesthetic capital at the service of the unique personality of any location. A collection of noble, sumptuous, elegantly expressive yet durable ceramic onyxes, in which Emilceramica’s aesthetic research reaches new heights.


9 mm (30x60 cm, 60x120 cm)
6,5 mm (120x120 cm, 120x278 cm)

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