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Pearl Wave’s flow is reminiscent of sea waves, and its curving form, the shape of a seashell. Artists have always looked to nature for inspiration and the mysterious depths of the sea simply swell with possibilities. The unpredictability of the ocean also influenced this light. Like the sea moves and flows at will, so too do the contours of Pearl Wave. The light’s flexibility of silhouette harmoniously blends into the space, bringing with it the feel of life and motion


Pearl Wave consists of handmade crystal spheres, preferably made from triplex opal crystal. This chandelier concept can also be installed on yachts when using Preciosa’s unique engineering technology and stiff rods for suspension


The light echoes the sounds generated by its environment by creating different light effects; the bigger the group at the table, the more people cheer, the more Pearl Wave comes alive. This particular and special moment when the glasses touch each other, creates a sound which is reflected and supported by the light. The chandelier adds to the surroundings, like the perfect background to the music of life

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