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The handmade light sculpture is made up of two separate frameworks that seamlessly blend together as one. Each section has two ceiling plates and an array of arms, all finished in polished champagne gold

The luminaire’s 22 dish-like glass shades were mouth-blown and are a mosaic of different hues of purple and white. The depth and tone of each glass piece is slightly different, which adds to the overall beauty of the custom-made light fitting


The LED light source is housed in an oval-shaped detail that sits either side of the shade and accommodates the natural variations of glass thickness. The crown is finished in the polished champagne gold and connects to the arm by a knuckle joint; the detail on the underside resembles an oyster’s pearl nestled within a delicate glass shell that emits a soft warm glow


- Champagne gold metalwork
- Mouth-blown glass shades
- Frosted turned acrylic oval-shaped components
- 2700K LEDs

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