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With the Tele di Marmo Reloaded collection, Emilceramica continues its interpretation of one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials, which has always embellished spaces with elegance and architectural strength.


The project originated from the idea of reinterpreting marble, a material of timeless charm, in contemporary key through an unconventional choice of sizes, finishes and decorative elements. Five new natural and semi-polished marbles find their highest expression in the large slab sizes, where the vein patterning becomes the absolute star. The flowing lines, colour shades and nuances in step with the different veins make the Tele di Marmo Reloaded fully-fledged works of art. The surfaces are innovative, offering alternative installations of the marble slab portions: for example, the “seminato di tessere” or the “battuto di listelli”, created by carefully laying tiny dots or rectangular marble strips in mortar. The effect achieved is a more modern, unusual and dynamic surface. One particular detail is the surface created by combining marble slats. This solution plays down marble's monumental character, creating environments with great aesthetic impact. A versatile collection that offers the designer an infinite series of solutions by way of designs, sizes, colours and decorative possibilities, giving life and form to tailor-made architectural projects.


6,5mm (120x120 cm, 120x240 cm, 120x278 cm)
9,5mm (7,5x30 cm, 120x120 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 90x90 cm)
10mm (90x180 cm)


Battuto Di Listelli
Seminato Di Tessere


MOSAICO 3X3 - 30X30
MOSAICO 5X5 - 30X30

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