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A pure geometry, a perfect oval, a presence that gives elegance and exclusivity to the bathroom. Reflexmood is the first bathtub made of Flumood o Colormood, the exclusive material developed and produced by antoniolupi. The particularity of the base from which the shape is generated gives an unpublished image to the bathtub. The purity and the organic nature of the lines capable of expressing lightness and solidity at the same time are combined with the ample capacity and the perfect ergonomic volume that envelops the body ensuring a perfect posture for truly complete relaxation.


Already made in Cristalmood, Reflex is now also offered in Flumood and Colormood which combines excellent technical characteristics, a soft touch surface with an extraordinary material effect for a 360 ° sensory experience. In fact, in view of an ever increasing desire to personalize the bathroom, the bathtub can be externally lacquered in all the colors of antoniolupi's wide palette, to better harmonize with a specific chromatic context or on the contrary to distinguish itself by highlighting personality and character.


Oval Flumood bathtub, can be externally lacquered in all colors of our collection, available in Colormood that can be internally and externally lacquered complete with drain and pressure plug, siphon and flexible hose.


Dimensions: cm H53 x L167 x P86

Material: Flumood/Colormood
Overflow: YES
Flow rate: l/s 0,63
Gross weight: kg 145 ca.
Net weight: kg 110 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 170 x 60 x 88
Capacity: l 350 ca.

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