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More than any other collection, Forme provides scope for creativity, enabling designers and architects to express themselves through simple or complex, traditional or unusual patterns, which reveal the unique personality of each location and shape the way we inhabit it. A constellation of infinite combinations that transforms every room into a canvas for telling individual stories and inventing unique design schemes.


The spirit of the earth meets the timeless strength of porcelain stoneware. A combination of shapes and variegated shades embraces every room, creating attractive, luminous interiors. Forme offers six shades and five colours for experimenting and creating unique installation layouts: Terracotta, Rosato, Avorio, Bianco Assoluto, Cenere and Antracite, available in the Brick 7.5x20, Hexagon, 20x20 and 80x80 versions. There are also the Majoliche Lux available in 3 shades: Ocra Lux, Azure Lux and Bianco Lux.


9 mm (80х80 cm) 
9,5 mm (7,5х20 cm, 20х20 cm, 21х18,2 cm)

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