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A strong sign that engraves a soft shape, a volume carved out from several parts, an elegant and contemporary image, suspended, enriched by functional details that become distinctive aesthetic characteristics. The result is a sculptural dimension, imposing but light, organic like a natural element shaped by the skillful hand of man. Sled is the freestanding bathtub that arises from the transformation of a perfect geometry, through two diagonal cuts that dissect the depth of the basin and an incision that follows the perimeter in width, as if to measure the longitudinal development of the edge.


Precisely this low edge supports the large volume to become a practical support surface on which to store the objects necessary for body care. A functional detail that ends up defining the overall image of the tub, giving movement and vitality to the shape. A light feeling, a surface that seems to have been generated by water that with a steady, but constant action ""erodes"" the material, shaping it. The volume is large and welcoming and the thin edge that develops on all the other sides allows for a greater capacity of the tub.


The sensation of suspension and absence of gravity is accentuated by the base of the bathtub, which has small dimensions compared to the volume that thus seems to float in the air. The base is in fact invisible and the basin of the tub appears to be suspended from the ground. This effect can be further accentuated with the use of a perimeter LED light that effectively cancels the support on the ground allowing the volume to ""float"" in the air.

A contemporary shape, guaranteed functionality, enveloping and generous dimensions, as well as customization, a key word in contemporary interior design. Sled is available in Flumood white resin or in Colormood in 10 colors from the antoniolupi range. Colors to express personality and style, colors that allow the bathtub to fit into the mood of the bathroom, to dialogue with the other elements of the space.


Oval Flumood bathtub, with or without LED lighting, that can be externally lacquered in all our colors, available in Colormood lacquered internally and externally, complete with pressure plug, siphon, and flexible hose.


Dimensions: cm 180 x 85 x 53
Material: Flumood / Colormood
Overflow: YES
Flow rate: l/s
Gross weight: kg 186 ca.
Net weight: kg 150 ca.
Packing dimensions: cm 190 x 98 x 90 
Capacity*: l 278 ca.
*Considering the capacity of water to the overflow

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