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The Mimesis collection was created to express the strong, tactile character of wood, with all its timeworn, uneven appearance offered in a contemporary, versatile collection.


Knots and vein patterns take centre stage in this series dedicated to the beauty of wood: presented in four enticing, natural colours - Avorio, Ecru, Miele and Tabacco - Mimesis, as its name suggests, aims for absolutely authentic reproduction of the inspiration material, in terms of appearance, texture and colours, thanks to the Real technology, which combines the structure, graphic patterning and finish to provide truly realistic, natural surfaces. With Mimesis Emilceramica also introduces a new 26.5x160 size, which further enhances the product’s incredible realism.


9,5mm (26,5x160 cm, 20x120 cm)
20mm (40x120 cm)

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