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An iconic object, an element with a pop image, a sophisticated technological system hidden by a new form for the bathroom. After Mayday, antoniolupi continues to elaborate knobs with Tank, which refers to the aesthetics of the cap of a tank with a vintage or industrial flavor, but always respecting the contemporary language that is in the DNA of the company.


The knob allows you to adjust the water flow and temperature in the sink area but also in the shower and is therefore available in the mixer or 5-way diverter version, always in the matt black finish. In the five-way version, Tank allows you to manage the operation of multi-functional shower heads, defining the type of jet and the possible wellness scenarios.


Tank proposes an aesthetic that is well integrated with the range of antoniolupi accessories, small elements capable of personalizing a space, sophisticated details that reveal the company's great attention to the well-being of man in the bathroom. The ergonomic shape and the five grooves along the perimeter facilitate the rotation, allowing for a safe and comfortable grip.


H 10 P 13,4 ø 6,5
H 9,3 P 12,6 ø 6,5
cm Ø 6,5 x 12,9 x 10
Material: AISI 316L Steel - Brass Finish: Body: Brass - Stainless steel

Body: Brass, Stainless steel
Handle: AISI 316/L Satin Stainless Steel

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