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The astonishing power of nature
The glass peak of The Iceberg stands out of a wooden surface, which symbolizes the sea. Giant panels made of flat, sintered glass gradually light up to create the impression of a living organism


The secret of icebergs
Icebergs conceal secrets, because seven eighths of their mass are hidden underwater. You’ve got billions cubic metres of ice there. And once it melts, it becomes water and evaporates into clouds


Symbiosis between glass and wood
The installation consists of glass components and pressed wooden boards. They differ in length, shape and width, each of them is unique and creates a wave effect


Lighting effect
The wooden slats are variously perforated, creating a grid in which the glass components are hung so that light can pass through, and they in this way support the handmade decor of each glass item


Handmade details
The glassmakers used flat glass sintered on Trennmittel base, drilled and heat-cured. The designer then manually created a pattern to the base, into which the glass was sintered

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