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A classic pendant, with a twist. Each tube is hand-twisted to create an elegant shape that extends down and greets the room. Inside each tube, light seems to dance down the pendant and reflects in shimmering swirls across the room

The artistry of our glass blowers is on full display in the Twist, with its carefully accomplished undulating ripples that seem to entwine around the bulb. Each twist of the glass must be done swiftly and precisely over the flame. Evocative of movement, the Twist design is both a lovely dance partner in the close waltz of a chandelier or as part of larger choreography of pendants


Glass Options:


Material Options:
Matte Silver
Matte White
Antique Bronze
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Brass


Blown Pyrex Glass
Steel Canopy
Brass Hardware
Coaxial Wire


Glass Sizes: 1,5“dia х 8“h/1,5“dia х 10“h/1,5""dia х 12“h/1,5""dia х 14“h
Light Source: LED G4 2W-12V-2700K

Dimmable-Transformer Included

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