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With the lightness and grace of a ballet-dancer, the chandelier adorns the ceiling of the space of pure white components


Light as a Ballet Skirt
As the reflection of the fluttering petticoat of a ballet-dancer, the chandelier imitates the gentle movements of the costume that can be captured in the beautiful art performance on stage


Respect to the Tradition
The lighting sculpture refers to the grand tradition of ballet and dance. Chandelier creates an intricate pattern that changes as viewers pass by


Design story
The design concept is built around the idea of Bohemian lace, a fabric that is an integral part of dance costume design. It is also close to dance in its essence, lightness and intricate beauty


The sculpture is composed of thousands of hand-blown clear glass bubbles arranged into a circle and lit with LED downlights


Each bubble is individually hung in a precise position to create a three-dimensional effect of draped sparky strings typical for traditional chandeliers

light in space

Thousands of glass bubbles capture the onlookers with its beauty, as well as the performance on stage. Just like in ballet, it is all about the momentum and focal point

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